You only need five ingredients for model Bella Hadid’s favorite salad

On long days with shoots, travel and runways, it can be difficult for a model to eat healthy.

To keep her body in shape, Bella Hadid swears by a delicious salad.

The recipe is perfect for a refreshing lunch on hot summer days or as a meal prep for long days in the office or on the road. The salad is prepared in no time with just five ingredients.

Wash the arugula well and place in a bowl. Bella cuts the cucumber and peppers into small slices or strips and puts them in the bowl as well. Then she crumbles up the parmesan and adds it along with the avocado.

For the dressing, she squeezes the juice from half a lemon and then adds some olive oil, salt and pepper. According to Bella, balsamic cream should not be missing from this recipe.

If you want a little more, you can refine the salad with quinoa or bulgur.

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