Which foods can be prepared in the steam cooker?

Steaming is one of the healthiest ways to cook vegetables. It cooks in hot steam and thus retains almost all of the nutrients that are destroyed or lost during cooking.

The vegetables stay crisp, al dente, colorful and healthy. To cook it in steam, you don’t necessarily need a steamer. There are also various attachments for pots or food processors.

The best vegetables for the steam cooker

Not all vegetables can be cooked equally well. In general, the winter vegetables are particularly well suited for this, as well as cabbage vegetables. In fact, any vegetable can be cooked.

The best varieties include:

Incidentally, fruit can also be cooked quite well, but most people prefer to eat the fruit fresh. However, this method is particularly well suited for fruit purée, as it cooks the fruit very gently and the nutrients are retained (e.g. for baby food).

fish and meat

Lean types of fish and meat (chicken, turkey, veal) are particularly suitable for steam cooking. If you prefer it hearty and hearty, you can sear the meat beforehand to get the delicious roasted aromas and then continue cooking it in the steamer.

Side dishes

Side dishes such as rice, couscous or millet can also be prepared in the steamer. There are usually special inserts for this, since the small grains would otherwise fall through the holes.

In general, all foods can be prepared well in the steam cooker. Of course, anything that needs to be fried hot or crispy has no place in the steam cooker. This is really just about the gentle preparation of the food to preserve taste and nutrients.

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