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Combination skin is most likely to enjoy make-up that is rich in minerals and does not clog the pores. This is also called non-comedogenic makeup because it is made of substances that allow the pores to breathe freely.

To find out if a makeup is right for your skin, look at the ingredients. If you find artificial colors, preservatives or fragrances here, it is better to distance yourself from the product. In general, ingredient lists with many, harder to pronounce names are more a sign of a high proportion of irritating chemicals and are therefore not recommended.

What makeup for combination skin? The secret is in the pores

  • Combination skin is happy about a make-up that is rich in minerals. There is a special mineral make-up for this.

  • Colourants, fragrances and preservatives clog the pores and should therefore be avoided. Non-comedogenic products work best.
  • A long length of ingredients full of complicated names is often a sign of high levels of irritating and chemical ingredients. These items should be avoided.

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