Wash your hair faster: This method saves you time – and money

Washing may take some time depending on the length and thickness of the hair. This is also the reason why many women align their week accordingly.

If there is a party or an important meeting coming up, or if you are going to sweat a lot while exercising, then this day is chosen as hair washing day.

If your hair is greasy again after a short time, there is a simple trick you can use to save time and water and not have to wash your whole head.

Wash your hair in no time: Here’s how

The idea behind this trick is that you only have to wash the top hair.

  1. First, divide your hair into two sections and tie the top hair up with a hair tie.
  2. Now tie the lower hair into a braid as well so that it doesn’t get wet and then loosen the rubber band you used to make the upper braid. Now you have separated your top hair and can wash this part.
  3. Bend over the sink or tub and now wash the top hair as usual. Then you can blow dry and style it however you like. Since you don’t have to dry the entire hair, this is much faster.

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