Training foot muscles: How to specifically strengthen the foundation of your body

19 muscles, 28 bones and 33 joints: This is what our feet carry us through the day – mostly packed in shoes.

But that’s not so good for your feet.

According to sports scientist Ingo Froboese, shoes relieve the foot muscles of the work that they actually need to stay fit and strong.

Those who do not feel comfortable with this will find a protective alternative in barefoot shoes. By the way: Walking barefoot also works well at home – simply by leaving the slippers off.

His advice: walk barefoot more often – whether on the beach, in the meadow or on uneven forest floor.

Relaxation cure for the feet

In addition to the barefoot training, the feet are also happy about relaxation.

You can treat them to a little wellness treatment, as Froboese suggests: “Take each toe in your hand and slowly pull it towards the back of your foot.

This elongates and stretches the arch of the foot and says goodbye to “deformations” of the feet and heel spurs.”

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