Train and eat like Daniel Ricciardo: This is how racing drivers keep themselves fit for Formula 1

The time has come on March 20: Formula 1 will start the 2022 season. The drivers must be in top form for the upcoming 22 races, as they are exposed to enormous exertion.

Optimal preparation and months of targeted training are essential for success.

But you can do more than just sit in front of the TV. We’ll show you how to get fit like an F1 driver and get yourself in top shape.

Strength training like a Formula 1 driver

Training with kettlebells


Most people who do sports have their own fitness coach who is there to help and advise them. However, this is not absolutely necessary for sporting success in the hobby area.

In addition to targeted strengthening of the neck muscles, F1 drivers have to train their arms, legs and core in particular to generate the necessary strength on the racetrack.

Michael Italiano, McLaren driver Daniel Ricciardo’s personal trainer, repeatedly publishes typical training programs with which the athlete prepares for the season.

You can use a kettlebell for these exercises, the weight of which you can adjust to your current level of fitness.

Do ten reps of each exercise and repeat five times to get fit like an F1 driver in the long run. You can take a two-minute break between each round.

There are other smaller workouts you can do at home on the trainer’s Instagram page.

Cardio training is just as important as strength training to promote endurance. Every driver does something different. Daniel Ricciardio, for example, likes to ride his bike, while other athletes prefer running, rowing or cross-country skiing.

For you this means: If you find the endurance sport that you enjoy, you can achieve the best results with it.

Recovery and sleep are so important

The rest phase is just as important as the physical activity. F1 drivers rely on massages and ice baths to speed up muscle regeneration.

Getting enough sleep is also important. Formula 1 drivers have a strict sleep schedule that they stick to.

You should also make sure you get enough sleep to be fit during the day and your body has the necessary energy for your training.

This is what professional racers eat

In addition to training, a healthy, balanced diet is important to have enough energy for the strenuous races. The drivers mostly rely on unprocessed, healthy food. A classic F1 driver’s day might look like this:

For breakfast there are scrambled eggs or fish for sufficient protein. In addition, oatmeal and vegetables for the necessary carbohydrates and minerals.

The other meals consist of meat or fish and vegetables. Served with quinoa or rice. For a change, it can also be salad and sweet potato puree.

Protein shakes and yogurt with nuts are good snacks.

If you eat vegan, you can of course omit the meat, but you should then rely on alternative protein suppliers.

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