Three top models for every level

Skipping ropes have long since shed the image of a child’s toy and made it into a serious fitness tool.

Even martial artists have long sworn by the durable gadget, which is firmly established in their training schedule.

Skipping ropes are also being used more and more often in fitness studios – and that’s no wonder, because jumping rope demands the entire body. Just a few minutes a day make us sweat and burn fat.

FIT FOR FUN explains why you should definitely integrate the fitness gadget into your training and presents you with affordable examples.

In check: three skipping ropes for intensive training

All products at a glance

Image on the subject of professional skipping rope Velites

1. Velites skipping rope (lightweight professional model)

from 42.00 euros

Jump rope themed image in orange and black

2. multifun skipping rope (incl. counter)

from 14.99 euros

Picture on the topic skipping rope in red and black

3. Blukar Skipping Rope (Price-Performance Winner)

from 9.34 euros

Velites skipping rope (lightweight professional model)

Professional skipping rope Velites

Professional skipping rope

from 42.00 euros

up to 2.20 m

The ultra-light skipping rope from Velites is ideal for speed training and double unders. There is also the option to integrate weights. The size is individually adjustable. If you already have skipping rope experience and want to work on your speed, the skipping rope is the right choice.

multifun skipping rope (incl. counter)

Skipping rope in orange and black


All-rounder with counter function

from 14.99 euros

The digital counter of the skipping rope from multifun shows the body weight, the number of jumps, the training time and the calorie consumption. The length of 2.8 m can be varied here. The inside of the rope is made of thin steel, which allows for a high rotation speed. Thanks to the ergonomic handles, the skipping rope promises pleasant comfort during training. The Jump Rope is an all-rounder with which you can easily document your training progress and push yourself to new achievements.

Blukar Skipping Rope (Price-Performance Winner)

Skipping rope in red and black


Great value for money

from 9.34 euros

The Blukar skipping rope is made from high-quality steel wire and covered with a strong PVC outer material, which gives it enough support even during long training sessions. The 2.8 m long skipping rope can be easily adjusted in length. With the non-slip, ergonomically shaped handle, the tool offers ideal grip and comfort.

With over 11,000 positive Amazon reviews, beginners can’t go wrong at this price.

What are the advantages of jumping rope?

  1. Rope skipping trains your condition, helps you lose weight and is equally suitable for beginners and advanced users.
  2. Thanks to different jump and step sequences, rope skipping is very varied and requires coordination.
  3. Only ten minutes can train just as effectively as 30 minutes of jogging.
  4. It boosts fat burning and engages muscles while training reflexes and concentration skills.
  5. Speed ​​and jumping power are increased. This has a positive effect on martial arts, sprinting and acrobatic exercises.

How do I adjust the skipping rope?

To find out the right length of skipping rope, stand in the middle of the rope so that your feet are about shoulder-width apart. If the rope ends reach just below the nipples, it is adjusted correctly.

These muscles benefit from jumping rope

Jumping rope increases both stamina and coordination and promotes jumping power. It functions as an effective strength and endurance training for beginners and advanced users as well as a warm-up for martial artists. Although the focus is on the leg muscles, the exercises also strengthen important muscle groups such as the stomach, arms, chest and shoulders. However, the workout is more suitable for muscle definition than for muscle building.

Woman with skipping rope

Imago: Westend61

Jumping with the rope trains the entire body, but primarily aims Thigh and calves away. The training strengthens the following muscle groups.

  • Rectus abdominis: An important postural muscle that helps maintain balance when jumping.
  • Back extensors: Responsible for straightening the spine and head – it also supports jumping rope.
  • Wrist muscles: During the exercises, the continuous rotation movement comes from the wrists. Did you know that 16 different muscles are involved in the movements here?
  • Upper arm flexors: The upper arms are flexed and stabilized when jumping rope, which puts the muscles under constant tension.
  • Deltoid: The largest shoulder muscle has its posterior portion in the upper back. To ensure an upright posture, he is also under tension while jumping.

Best jump rope exercises

Before you can start training, you should get shock-absorbing and joint-gentle equipment. Good shoes, a slightly springy surface and enough space should definitely be available.

  • Easy Jump: Easy jumping on the spot
  • Jumps one-legged: Hop with one foot, bend the other knee slightly/more
  • running step: Change the take-off foot per jump (like running in place)
  • double under: Jump higher, snap rope under feet twice per jump
  • Criss Cross Arms: Cross arms before passing rope under feet, uncross arms overhead
  • Criss Cross Legs: Cross feet on each jump
  • Jumping Jacks: Jumping jack – alternately open and close your feet sideways with every jump
  • step jump: Put your feet back and forth alternately when jumping
  • Heel taps: Alternately tip your heels forward


Woman and man with skipping rope

Imago: agefotostock

For professionals who value speed, we recommend the lightweight skipping rope from Velites. Beginners who value comfort and a good price-performance ratio will find a solid entry-level model in the Blukar multifun skipping rope with counting function or the inexpensive all-rounder rope.

Important note for training with the skipping rope:

To prevent injuries, warming up wrists and ankles is just as important as sturdy shoes and the right jumping and rotation technique.

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