These are the best electric shavers

We have tested electric razors for you to make your choice easier for your next razor purchase.

In the test, the electric razors were examined more closely in practice over several weeks.

This shows that if you want to buy a real top device, you don’t necessarily have to pay a three-digit sum – some good razors are available for less than 100 euros.

At the same time, for a good shaving result, it is better not to use the cheapest models.

There is often a problem here, both in terms of performance and workmanship.

In the following table we show you the most exciting electric razors. Below we also introduce you to two of the razors in more detail.

If you are looking for more information about the individual products, we recommend that you take a look at our detailed purchase advice.

Expensive test winner, cheap price tip

In the ranking, the Philips Series 9000 (SP9820/18) as test winner push through. In addition to the gentle and smooth shave, it also impresses with clean workmanship and an all-round thorough result. However, the Philips shaver is in the upper price segment with a price of over 200 euros (for price comparison). For so much money we would expect a much better configuration. Only the razor itself is included in the scope of delivery. You will look in vain for a cleaning station, charging station, trimmer for a three-day beard length or at least one cleaning brush. Anyone who is still prepared to spend so much money for a razor should therefore also take a look at the sister model, the SP9860/18. It’s a bit more expensive, but you get a lot more equipment and even a Qi charging pad for your shaver.

Ours is significantly cheaper Price tip, the Remington R9 Ultimate. It scores in the test with simple operation and cleaning, runs very quietly and, in contrast to the test winner, is supplied with a compact charging station. The Remington razor costs around 80 euros (for price comparison). But you have to make compromises in terms of battery performance and the device can unfortunately only be charged in the station.

Which models also perform well, what you should pay attention to when buying a razor, where you can buy the razor cheaply and you can find more tips and information in our detailed purchase advice.

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