The summer snack really is that healthy

When the temperatures climb, we like to grab a refreshing fruit popsicle. The selection is large: from classics such as Capri, Calippo or Flutschfinger to organic fruit ice cream, everything is represented in the supermarket.

If you are looking forward to real raspberries, strawberries & Co. and flavors that are as natural as possible, you will be disappointed. Because according to the Stiftung Warentest there are only rarely real fruits in fruit and water ice – this is shown by the test result. In the current “Test” issue (5/2022), 15 ready-made ice cream flavors based on fruit and water and another ten for self-freezing were critically examined. The cool foods were examined for fruit aromas and sugar content.

The result is mixed: Classic ice cream actually uses more fruit or at least natural flavors. Nine of the 15 products taste entirely or at least partly of fruit. Things are different with self-freezing. It almost always tastes artificial, but showed one strength in the test: the self-frozen product contains less sugar. The test reveals – this is not a matter of course. Because every third ready-made ice cream product turned out to be a real sugar bomb – one product even comes to the equivalent of 18 sugar cubes.

Fruit ice cream test winner: Organic wins

Two organic ice creams can convince the experts at Stiftung Warentest and show how it works best:

  • Al natura raspberry for 2.08 euros per 100 ml
  • Froobie Strawberry for 3.35 euros per 100 ml

Both contain lots of fruit with no added flavor and relatively little sugar.

the Hipp Bio for children Icicles Peach-Mango is the only self-freeze ice cream that actually contains and tastes fruit.

You can read the detailed test with all the results, winners and losers for a fee at Stiftung Warentest.

Fruit and water ice at Stiftung Warentest

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