The right care: This is how your running shoes last longer

Shoes do not belong in the washing machine. The manufacturers usually do not guarantee that glue and seams will dissolve during the wash cycle.

In addition, the sneaker can become so saturated with water that the cushioning of the sole is impaired, according to the German Association for Personal Care and Detergents (IKW).

But how do you ensure that your favorite shoes last longer? We have put together four tips for you.

1. A “cat wash” is often enough

A simple cleaning is usually enough anyway: Dirty, dusty sneakers can be brushed dry with a shoe brush or wiped with a damp cloth.

In addition, a shoe shampoo that is available in specialist shops or drugstores can loosen dirt. Even in a simple shoe cleaning kit you will find everything you need to care for your shoes properly.

2. Do not put shoes in the wash without protection

If that’s not enough, you should at least protect sneakers in the drum a little. The IKW advises putting the shoe in a laundry net or an old pillowcase in the washing machine.

It is washed at 30 degrees in a program for delicates or easy-care items.

Some machines also have extra sneaker programs. According to the experts, a washing temperature of 40 degrees is possible for heavily soiled shoes if they consist mostly of textile fibers.

They advise adding a hygiene rinse, which tackles odor-causing germs, in addition to a liquid mild detergent.

3. Dampen imbalance in the drum

All loose parts such as laces, buckles, stickers and insoles must be removed before washing.

The sneakers should also go into the drum without further dirty laundry. However, this can lead to an imbalance in the wash cycle, so it is good to dampen the movements with towels in the drum.

Otherwise, the shoes can be damaged even if they are thrown lightly.

4. Dry properly

After washing, the shoes must be able to dry well – it is best to stuff them with newspaper or kitchen paper and leave them in the fresh air.

Under no circumstances should the sneakers be dried on the heater. The high heat radiation can deform the shoes.

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