Stairs workout: The six-minute workout for the whole body

Are you fed up with the constant jogging and cycling and are you looking for new inspiration for your outdoor training?

FIT FOR FUN editor Tina has the right outdoor full-body workout for you to add some variety to your training plan and not only to push your fat burning and endurance, but also to promote muscle building.

All you need is a staircase with at best 20 steps and little pedestrian traffic.

The powerful workout is suitable for sports newcomers who want to start with bodyweight training. You will quickly notice – your muscles will be confronted with new stimuli and build up step by step.

Have you got the motivation? Let’s go…

6 minutes per pass

The sports shoes are laced and the stairs found – then nothing stands in the way of an effective full-body workout.

Before you can start, however, you should familiarize yourself with the steps in order to be able to better estimate the distance between the steps – and to minimize the risk of injury.

The entire workout consists of six exercises that train all muscle groups in your body. As a beginner, you create an optimal basis for starting strength training, which you can still feel the following day.

A round of the stair workout only takes six minutes: you might be able to do three of them to set the right stimuli for the body. Feel free to take breaks in between and stay focused at all times so you don’t fall.

Here’s how it works: Perform each exercise for 40 seconds and rest 20 seconds between each exercise. If these intervals are too easy or difficult for you, you can adjust the break times individually.

1st exercise: lunges

Whether it’s the thighs or the buttocks – the entire leg musculature is challenged with lunges. Stand in front of the stairs and take a step to a higher step. In order to achieve the correct span, the lower leg of the front leg should be approximately vertical to the step.

Now comes the hard part: Bend your front leg so the knee of the back leg slides down. As soon as your knee is just above the step, you initiate the upward movement.

With the upward movement, the back leg takes the next higher step and you perform a lunge with the other leg. So the legs alternate with the ascent.
When you reach the top, jog down dynamically and start over.

2nd exercise: stair run

For the second exercise, stand to the side of the stairs. Now there are two variants that vary in difficulty.

You don’t have that much balance on the stairs yet? Then you should start climbing a step with the first foot and let the other foot follow before continuing the climb.

If you want it a little more difficult and feel safe on the steps, you can try crossing your feet over each other so that each foot only ever takes up one step.

If both lateral variants are too difficult for the beginning, it is also sufficient to tap forward up the stairs – this gives more balance on the steps.

3rd exercise: stair prop

Since your legs are already on fire, you now have to do something for your upper body. Get into a push-up position on the bottom step of the stairs.

Now you put one hand and one foot on the next higher step. As soon as you can support yourself stably, the other hand and foot follow on the step. Be sure to build tension throughout your body. For this purpose, it is advisable to tense the abdominal muscles consciously.

If you want it a little more difficult here, you can try to lift your hands and feet one step at a time. So both pairs of hands and legs do not meet on any of the steps, but take the next step one after the other.

4th exercise: tricep dips

For the fourth exercise, you sit on a step and advance your hands to the edge. You stretch your legs straight forward.

Now you push yourself off the step so that your bottom is above the lower step. Bend your arms so that you work your triceps. Lower your buttocks as far as you can. However, it should not touch the lower step so that the muscle does not lose tension.

For a slightly lighter version, you can pull your legs up and reduce the load on your upper arms.

5th exercise: climbers

Who doesn’t want a toned stomach? – the fifth exercise is particularly effective when it comes to abdominal training. For the climber, you support yourself with your arms on an elevated step and stretch your legs backwards.

Now pull up one leg at a time and move it towards your chin. Be careful not to hit a step with your knee.

The easier variant is that you climb up the stairs on all fours. Both exercise options can also be optimally combined and carried out alternately.

6th exercise: calf raises

The final sprint is announced – for the sixth exercise you stand with your toes on the edge of a step and let go of the hooks. When you reach the bottom, push yourself up from your calf muscles.

You should make full use of your entire range of motion. Since you have to keep your balance throughout your body, other muscle groups, such as the abdomen, are also required during this exercise.

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