Slept badly? How to make dark circles disappear in no time

If the areas under the eyes appear greyish-bluish, a complementary color can be suitable for covering them up. These are colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel. In this case, it is a yellow to orange concealer for shadows that appear blue.

For light circles under the eyes, it is often enough to cover them with a moisturizing concealer that is a shade lighter than your own skin tone, according to the IKW.

Knock, don’t swipe

The concealers are lightly dabbed into the skin areas and then layered with just a touch of foundation. There is a reason why the concealer should be applied to the sensitive skin area with light tapping movements:

If the products were rubbed and pulled on, the fine collagen and elastin fibers in the skin would be put under too much strain. This can make not only the circles under the eyes, but also wrinkles stand out even more clearly.

The cosmetics experts also recommend massaging in an eye serum with gentle circular movements before dark circles under the eyes, for example products with plumping hyaluronic acid or collagen. The light massage reduces swelling.

Bright make-up for a more alert look

In winter, a little rich eye cream can also help to protect the sensitive skin in this area from the stressful cold and dry air.

Finally, make-up makes you look fresher after a sleepless night. And: Instead of dark edging for the eyes, the IKW recommends a light-colored kajal that is applied to the waterline.

A shimmering highlighter, for example in a champagne tone, applied to the highest point under the eyebrow or in the inner corner of the eye also makes the sight appear alert and friendly, according to the IKW.

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