Simple trick reveals whether you should dry laundry inside or outside

Fresh air is usually best for drying laundry.

This saves energy and does not cause mold to form in the house if the laundry is hung up indoors.

The laundry can be dried gently on the balcony or in the garden – but there are certain prerequisites for this.

The humidity is crucial

Laundry can be dried outside in almost any weather except rain. Even the cold ensures dry laundry due to the sublimation of the water in the clothing from ice to gas.

In addition to rain, there is another factor that makes it difficult to dry laundry in the fresh air – high humidity.

This trick tells you the right humidity

Ideally, laundry should be dried in strong winds and low humidity. High temperatures and lots of sun are helpful, but not essential.

It is also important not to hang the laundry too close together so that enough air can circulate between the parts.

You can use a simple trick to find out whether the humidity is low enough. Any weather app can show you how high the humidity is for the day. The humidity should ideally be between 40 and 60 percent so that the laundry can dry properly.

If the humidity outside is too high, a room with low humidity is more suitable. For example, one that is mostly empty.

It is important that the room is regularly ventilated during and after the drying process. How high the humidity is indoors can also be measured with a hygrometer.

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