Simple glass trick that will peel a mango in just 10 seconds

Mangoes are juicy and sweet in taste – no wonder they are so popular. Only the laborious peeling can sometimes spoil the joy of the exotic fruit.

The slippery pulp is difficult to handle and a lot of fruit juice often escapes. The whole thing often ends in a big mess.

With this glass trick, that won’t happen to you. With just a few cuts and the help of a normal water glass, the mango is freed from the skin and ready to eat quickly and above all without much fuss and subsequent clean-up work.

Simply peel mangoes with the glass trick

Using a large knife, cut off one side of the mango close to the pit. Now take the water glass and place the open side of the mango close to the rim of the glass.

Now push the mango with a little pressure over the edge of the glass so that it separates the flesh close to the peel.


Peeling mango by glass #peelingmango

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Arrived at the other end of the mango, the pulp simply falls into the glass. The same applies to any fruit juice that is squeezed out during the process.

Repeat the process one more time on the other side of the mango stone. Also cut closely past this and use the glass to remove the peel without making a mess.

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