Seven possible reasons why your legs are not in shape despite training

Do you regularly do squats, lift and cross your legs until you drop, but still have no success? Getting nice, defined legs is a matter of proper training.

Of course, the genetic predisposition cannot be trained away. But if your legs don’t get in shape despite exercising, it may be due to these common misconceptions.

1. Lunges are a foreign word for you

The English term for the lunge is actually a foreign word, but if you don’t know what the German term means, you should change that quickly.

With lunges you train leg extensions and flexors and get your legs in top shape. And as a bonus, there’s a luscious butt.

2. Unrealistic goals

You’ve been going to the gym regularly for a short time and you still can’t see any muscles on your thighs in the mirror? No wonder, because it takes a while.

So be patient and hold on. The first results only appear after about six weeks.

3. Improper diet

It’s not just about training for firm legs, a balanced diet is also important for visible results.

Therefore, the focus should be on vegetables, whole grains, fruit and good fats and proteins for muscle building.

4. Too little endurance sports

But not only the diet should be balanced, also during the training itself variety helps to get slim legs.

If your hard work in the gym is not rewarded with visible results after six weeks, you should increase the proportion of cardio training.

Spinning, swimming or running not only get your legs going, they also get them in shape.

5. You only focus on your thighs

Do you also pay attention to your hamstrings and inner muscles on your thighs or calves when you train your legs?

If not, give them more attention. These regions also belong to beautiful and well-proportioned legs.

6. Not enough weights

If you not only want to feel your muscles, but also see them, your own weight is not enough of a challenge in the long run.

A few dumbbells or the equipment in the gym ensure that your muscles come out.

7. Wrong exercises

There it is again, the predisposition: If you have naturally slim legs, intensive running training will make them appear even slimmer. If you have rather strong thighs, heavy weights are counterproductive.

Therefore, pay attention to your figure type and try to emphasize your advantages with the right exercises. If you’re not sure: You can’t go wrong with squats and lunges without external weights.

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