Savoy cabbage smoothie with apple and dates

Healthy because…
The savoy cabbage smoothie with apples and dates provides you with as much vitamin C as a whole lemon. With a glass you strengthen your immune system. The refreshing drink also contains folic acid and fiber.



Cut the dates into slices that are not too thin. Soak in lukewarm water for 45 minutes.


Wash the savoy cabbage and pat dry, cut out the thick veins of the leaves. Roughly chop the leaves.

cucumber, apples, ginger

Wash the cucumber and cut into large pieces. Wash the apple, core it and cut it into large pieces. Ginger peel and finely chop.

Lamb’s lettuce

Wash the lamb’s lettuce and shake dry.

blender, water, salt

Put all ingredients in the blender. Add the water and salt and puree until creamy.


Divide the green smoothie between four glasses and enjoy immediately.

The recipe for savoy cabbage smoothie with apple and dates with all the necessary ingredients and the simplest preparation – cook healthy with FIT FOR FUN

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