Not weeds: you can use goutweed in so many different ways

Although ground elder is edible and has many health benefits, it is commonly considered a weed.

Instead of destroying goutweed, you should rather use it – and thus stimulate your metabolism, for example.

Raw ground elder resembles parsley, but when cooked it tastes like spinach. Thus groundwater can be used anywhere parsley and spinach are normally used:

  • tea
  • smoothies
  • salad
  • Casserole
  • vegetable pan
  • Filling for dumplings
  • Pesto
  • spread

That’s how you recognize Giersch

Neyna Tigris Parker

The weed is native to Europe and prefers to grow in damp and shady places from March to October. A special feature is the handle, which is not round but triangular in cross section.

In addition, each leaf consists of three additional stems, each with additional leaves. The top sheet has exactly three leaves. The other stems have at least two leaves. That depends on the age of the plant.

The plant will also, among other things trefoil called. The leaves are serrated and tapered at the front. The flowers are white. The plant can grow up to 90 cm high.

Giersch is so versatile

Goutweed tea

Neyna Tigris Parker


Put fresh leaves in a cup, pour hot water over them and let them steep and drink. The leaves can also be removed before drinking. You can also freeze the leaves in advance, for example to be supplied over the winter.

You can drink this tea several times a day, it boosts your metabolism. Gout tea can provide relief for urinary tract infections or abdominal pain.

scrambled eggs

If you are in a hurry, you can chop up goutweed and fry it in a pan with a tablespoon of oil. Then add eggs and mix them with the plant.

Add some salt and pepper and you have a delicious meal that is particularly flavorful and delicious – and keeps you full for a long time.


Goutweed is also suitable as an ingredient in a smoothie. Simply wash, dab and roughly chop 40 grams of goutweed.

Mix half a banana, some mango, a few pieces of apple and a dash of lemon juice with 150 ml water and 150 ml low-fat milk together with the goutweed until you have a creamy smoothie.

Giersch has a pain-relieving and preventive effect

Giersch can provide relief for diseases such as gout, arthrosis or rheumatism. In addition, it is efficient for the metabolism, i.e. when losing weight, and also regulates the acid-base balance. Besides, he is

  • diuretic
  • anti-inflammatory
  • calming
  • hemostatic
  • detoxifying
  • draining
  • uric acid-dissolving

The plant also brings vitamins C, A and E. In addition, the herb is enriched with minerals such as iron, copper, manganese, calcium, magnesium and potassium.

External use

Goutweed is not only tasty and versatile as a food, but applied externally it can also help with sunburn or insect bites.

Rub some ground elder leaves into a paste and put it on the painful area. Bandage the spot with a band-aid or similar bandage and let the goutweed unfold its powers.

Or you put the ground elder leaves in a vessel with hot water and let them steep for about 5 minutes. Then just the liquid in your bath water and relax in the tub for a maximum of half an hour.

Especially with a bladder infection or varicose veins, a bath in Giersch has a relaxing and releasing effect.

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