Never again at the last minute: With the 3-minute rule you can complete tasks immediately

People who procrastinate usually postpone tasks until the deadline is reached and the completion either doesn’t happen at all or only under a lot of pressure.

In the work environment, the phenomenon often occurs in people who work independently, for example in flextime work.

But even in everyday life, procrastination can occur when an unpleasant phone call, a mountain of laundry or a check-up appointment with the doctor is pending.

You quickly lose track of your tasks and, in the worst case, miss an important appointment. Worse, however, is the mental stress, which is increasing all the time.

How to use the 3 minute rule

The idea behind the 3-minute rule is not to let the mountain of tasks come about at all. This works if you do every task that takes no more than three minutes as soon as it comes up.

So before you get up in the morning and get annoyed that the bed isn’t made in the evening: do it as soon as you get up. But you can also get phone calls or e-mails over with within three minutes.

Thanks to this rule, you don’t have to worry about simple actions and you can prioritize the more important things.

Write down difficult tasks

You can put tasks that take longer than three minutes on a to-do list. This is how you keep track. Even if a task takes longer than a few minutes, you can cancel it and rather put it on the list.

It is important that you do not put yourself under pressure if you do not complete all the tasks in one day.

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