Leftovers from Easter: That’s how long boiled eggs are still edible

For many people, it is traditional at Easter to hide small gifts in the form of Easter nests.

According to a survey by the YouGov research institute, more than 70 percent of the more than 8,000 German respondents prefer to give chocolate and other sweets as Easter gifts, followed by boiled/colored eggs at 39 percent.

With this amount, it is not surprising that eggs are often left over after the holidays. While commercial chocolate can be based on the printed best before date, the shelf life of hard-boiled eggs can vary.

How long can boiled eggs last?

How long hard-boiled eggs last depends on the condition of the shell and how it has been stored.

If the eggshell is damaged by cracks and fractures, germs can enter the egg and accelerate the spoilage process. These eggs should therefore be stored in the refrigerator and consumed within a few days.

Boiled eggs with an undamaged shell, on the other hand, will keep for about two weeks at room temperature. If the eggs are in the refrigerator, they can even be kept for up to four weeks.

However, the latter rules of thumb only apply to home-boiled eggs. The brightly colored commercially available eggs do not necessarily have to be kept in the refrigerator; thanks to a coating of shellac and palm wax, they can be kept at room temperature for several weeks – as long as the shell is undamaged.

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