Jogging in the hay fever season: then allergy sufferers can run without any problems

If your nose is running and your eyes are watering, even the most beautiful jogging lap is no fun.

Hay fever patients should therefore move their training to the early hours of the morning if possible, advises the Lower Saxony Chamber of Pharmacists. Then the pollen load is usually significantly lower.

An alternative to this: wait until it rains – and then start running immediately after the downpour. On days with extreme pollen levels, however, it may be that none of these tips help, especially with severe cases of hay fever.

Pollen calendars and weather forecasts reveal when things will get particularly bad. Then it is better to give up the training altogether or to move it indoors.

In principle, however, allergy sufferers should not do without sport, according to the experts: Because at least light training improves the general physical constitution – and thus also the chance of surviving the pollen season.

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