Is not an allergic reaction: what helps if pineapple burns the tongue?

Pineapple is a tropical fruit mainly imported from Costa Rica. It is a welcome change from local fruit varieties.

However, many avoid eating it because after just a few bites, an unpleasant feeling sets in in the mouth.

The tongue burns and scratches and the mouth suddenly feels queasy. Many consider this effect to be an allergic reaction and fear health risks.

That’s really behind the burn

However, the effect pineapple has on the tongue is not usually due to an allergic reaction. Rather, it is due to the enzyme bromelain, which is able to break down proteins.

If it comes into contact with the mucous membrane in the mouth, it also splits the proteins on it. This becomes noticeable through a tingling feeling in the mouth.

However, the reaction is not dangerous. The concentration of bromelain is so low that the decomposed proteins are quickly reformed and the burning stops after a short time.

Due to the stomach acid, the enzyme cannot cause any damage in the digestive tract.

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