Is it healthier to shower in the morning or in the evening?

Whether you prefer to shower in the morning or in the evening is usually a matter of type: taking a shower in the morning helps you start the day fit and rested.

Showering in the evening, on the other hand, allows you to remove sweat and dirt that has accumulated during the day before you relax in your own bed.

Experts tell the American magazine Self what time of day you should take a shower from a health perspective.

What time of day should you shower?

“There is no scientific evidence that suggests what time of day is better for showering every day,” said Amesh A. Adalja, a physician and research scientist at the nonprofit Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security.

Therefore, in principle, everyone can decide for themselves when to take a shower.

However, if you suffer from acne or an animal hair allergy or are prone to skin impurities, Adalja says you should shower after physical activity in the evening.

This eliminates bacteria and impurities and prevents blemishes. Experts also recommend an evening shower for people who lead an active lifestyle or who sweat a lot at work.

The following applies to hair washing: every two days is usually sufficient, especially if the hair is thin and greasy quickly.

Evening cleansing is also better for skin that tends to dryness.

The skin’s protective layer can regenerate more easily overnight. Then no tight clothing rubs on the body and the body care has enough time to move in.

Showering in the evening can improve sleep

A study published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology and Occupational Physiology also showed that a warm shower before bed can improve sleep quality.

“The warm water releases tension and also helps reduce stress,” explains clinical psychologist Erika Martinez.

However, the results of the study can only be generalized to a limited extent, since further investigations are necessary.

However, for those who have trouble falling or staying asleep, a warm shower in the evening could be a good option.

Taking a shower in the morning makes you fit

However, the shower in the morning also has its advantages – it gets your circulation going and gives you energy for the day. Cooler water temperatures also stimulate blood circulation and invigorate body and mind.

If you tend to sweat at night, you should ideally take a shower in the morning to prevent odor build-up.

Even greasy hair often requires a wash in the morning so that overnight sebum and fat deposits are rinsed from the scalp and hair and the hairstyle does not look flat or stringy.

Conclusion: Both the morning and the evening shower have their advantages, so you should adapt your routine to your own everyday life and skin type.

If you don’t tend to have dry skin, according to the experts, you can take a shower twice a day.

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