How often should you wash hair?

The subject of washing your hair can be nerve-wracking. Depending on the hair structure and length, it not only takes a lot of time, but also a lot of money for care products. Therefore, bargain hunters should be particularly happy about the following news: It is best if you wash your hair as infrequently as possible. But why is that so?

Basically, it is due to the oil glands in your scalp. These are responsible for producing the sebum or “fat” that is supposed to keep your scalp healthy and supple. In addition, this fat contains natural care substances for your hair.

If your hair is not greasy, you do not need to wash your hair yet. If you tend to have greasy hair, you should wash it very seldom and try to hold out a day with greasy hair if necessary. The more often you wash it, the faster the sebaceous glands will produce new sebum – a vicious circle.

In addition, it can be of great help to use natural shampoo free of silicones and sulfates. This is gentler on the scalp and can therefore delay a second hair wash longer. Or you just do it yourself!

Wash hair: As rarely as possible, as often as necessary!

  • If your hair is not greasy, it does not need a shampoo. It’s hard to set a fixed time here – it’s very individual.
  • If you tend to get greasy hair quickly, try to delay the next hair wash as long as possible. This way you can train your scalp and it will produce less excess sebum in the long run.
  • Gentle shampoos without sulfates, parabens, or silicones will help keep hair fresher for longer and won’t irritate your scalp, which could lead to renewed sebum production.
  • Curly hair is often described as particularly dry and is recommended to be washed more often. If your curls are dry, resort to oils and leave-in conditioners. Washing your hair more often will damage your hair.

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