How many calories does an ice cream cone have?

The number of calories in an ice cream cone actually determines what the ice cream is made of. There are several variants of waffle ice cream. In addition to the classic ice cream cone with a scoop of ice cream from the ice cream parlor, there are also numerous ice cream cones from the supermarket. All of these have different numbers of calories.

  • If you enjoy your ice cream in the classic way in a cone, you take in 20 kilocalories with the simple ice cream cone. This is the particularly light waffle, which consists only of flour and water. The more common, firmer ice cream cone with a crunchy texture has 55 calories.
  • Some ice cream cones have a chocolate icing. That adds about 100 calories and about 5 grams of fat.
  • An ice cream cone consists of milk ice cream, sugar, flour, syrup and fruit juice or puree. If you choose an ice cream cone with chocolate or nuts, it contains far more calories than the fruit variant. An ice cream cone has an average of 170 to 250 calories.

The ice cream sandwich usually consists of two waffle halves and milk ice cream in between. Since the proportion of waffles is small here, the ice cream between the waffles in particular provides plenty of taste. Milk, sugar, vegetable fat and possibly chocolate in it provide between 90 and 150 kilocalories. You can lower this number if you choose the fruit variant.

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