Home workout: The perfect workout for strong legs – in just 7 minutes

Do you usually train with the leg press? It’s a shame, because very few have them at home.

So how about a workout that uses just your bodyweight instead of weights? Especially in the current Corona crisis, this is ideal for your own four walls.

Don’t worry: Even without any equipment, you can make your legs burn with it.

Our coach LeaLight has put together a new workout in which she shows various leg exercises that can also be performed without gym equipment or equipment.

Have you got the motivation? So let it begin!

6 exercises for strong legs

The entire workout includes six exercises that use different areas of your leg muscles – from thighs to buttocks, everything is included.

You should create some space for the execution to avoid injuries. Since you have to perform jumps, you should use an exercise mat in your workout, as this minimizes the risk of slipping.

Is the workout too easy for you? Of course, if you want, you can also integrate dumbbells or kettlebells into the workout.

Here’s how it works: The entire workout lasts seven minutes, during which six different exercises are performed. Each exercise lasts 45 seconds and ends with a 15-second rest.

1. Squat

One loves them, the other hates them – the classic squats. But with this complex exercise, you stimulate the entire lower body musculature and create tension throughout the body.

To do this, place your feet shoulder-width apart. Your toes point slightly outwards. To achieve greater stability, you can stretch your arms forward.

Now you initiate the downward movement with your knees and let your hips slide backwards. During the downward movement, you should make sure that your back remains straight and does not fall into a slouched position.

For the right depth, your legs should be slightly below 90 degrees and thus at a slightly acute angle – now you start with the dynamic upward movement and repeat the movement.

2. Squat with heel raises

For the second exercise, get back into the squat position and take a stable stance. Now alternately lift your heels so that the entire load is transferred to the tips of your toes.

With this exercise you mainly hit your inner thighs and buttocks – as you will most likely feel the following day.

3. Cross lunges (right)

No exercise works the buttocks better than lunges – but with the third and fourth exercise you isolate both sides and thus set greater stimuli. In the starting position you stand upright.

Now the right leg moves behind the left leg so that you can do a lunge. As soon as the right leg is stable, you can initiate the downward movement by bringing your knee closer to the floor, but not touching it.

Then you initiate the upward movement and repeat the movement.

4. Cross lunges (left)

With the fourth exercise, you switch the load on the left leg and perform the same sequence of movements as before.

Make sure you use your full range of motion. Your knee doesn’t have to touch the floor, but it should move as far towards the floor as possible so that you use the muscles optimally.

5. Kick back jumps

For the fifth exercise, you switch to the all-fours position, but your knees do not touch the floor during this pose. Instead, you only support yourself with your feet and hands on the training mat.

Now try to build tension in your abdominal muscles by pulling in your belly button. The actual exercise begins with a stable body tension: perform small jumps in which your buttocks push towards the ceiling and your legs stretch.

As you descend, make sure you hit the ground gently to minimize the load on your knees.

6. Frogger

The last exercise is a combination of squats and jumps. To do this, stand on a head side of your exercise mat and position your legs shoulder-width apart, as if you wanted to do a squat.

Now bend your knees slightly and jump to the other side of your mat. With the landing of your feet, you perform a squat. In the upward movement you use the dynamic momentum to turn yourself by 180 degrees with a jump.

Then you repeat this sequence of movements on the other side of the training mat.

How does the leg workout work?

With these six exercises you work all the important muscles in your leg and strengthen your muscles without any gym equipment or weights.

Whether one, two or three rounds – if seven minutes of hard training is not enough, you can do as many rounds of the workout as you like. But be careful: the sore muscles don’t show up until the next day.

Is the execution still too easy for you? If you have dumbbells, kettlebells or heavier objects at home, you can of course integrate them into the workout. This allows you to significantly increase the intensity of exercises such as squats or lunges.

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