Home office workout: Five easy exercises that drive away back pain

The back slightly bent, the forearms supported on the table and the face close to the screen: After months of working in the home office, the sitting posture of many people has worsened.

Instead of sitting at the desk, the first call is accepted comfortably on the sofa or the last email is sent from the bed. The result: back, neck or shoulder pain – and this should not be underestimated.

In the long term, an incorrect sitting posture can have a negative effect on the body and even lead to health problems – one way to counteract this is to take a break in motion. Therefore, in this article, we will explain to you exactly what this is all about and what you should definitely pay attention to.

And don’t worry: to strengthen your body, you don’t have to go jogging for half an hour or spend your lunch break in the nearest gym – it’s more about creating a balance to your working posture. The aim of the moving break is to strengthen your back and mobilize your neck.

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Strengthen your back without sweating

The moving break improves your mobility, your ability to concentrate increases and your tense muscles relax. So you can recharge your batteries during your lunch break and then get back to your tasks.

Incidentally, the exercises should not make you sweat, so that you can continue working afterwards without hesitation. You don’t have to take any elaborate precautions in advance and you can do the exercises anytime and anywhere.

In the video you will learn which exercises are ideal for a moving break and why some exercises are performed while standing and others while sitting.

1st exercise: Circling your shoulders backwards

For the first exercise, sit in a chair and start circling your arms backwards. Pull your shoulders towards your ear and lower them again – at the same time you breathe in deeply and exhale again.

For best results, repeat the exercise about nine times. It serves to promote blood circulation in your neck and relieve tension in your shoulders. A little tip: You can find the exercise in the video from minute 0:13.

2nd exercise: lay your head to the left and right

To stretch your neck muscles, place your right ear on your right shoulder for the second exercise. To increase the stretch, you can also place your hand on your head and pull it slightly to either side.

Then switch to the other side and put your left ear on your left shoulder. Repeat this exercise six times. A little tip: You can find the exercise from minute 1:32.

3rd exercise: stretch your legs

Not only your back or your neck suffer in the home office, but also your legs. To stretch them, stretch out one leg at a time. In addition, take deep breaths in and out. It is recommended to repeat the exercise six times. If you’re not sure where to put your hands, rest them on your hips.

To increase the stretch, straighten your leg and hold it up. Then move it up and down slightly. You will notice that the exercise automatically feels more intense.

During the exercise, make sure that your leg remains stretched and does not slowly move back down during the exercise. A little tip: You can find the exercise in the video from minute 5:16.

4th exercise: stand up and sit down

For this exercise, sit on the front third of the seat of the chair with your legs slightly apart. Then you stand up and slowly sit back down. In addition, breathe in deeply when you sit down and breathe out when you stand up.

Your posture should be upright and your abdominal and back muscles tight. You repeat this exercise a total of eight times. A little tip: You can find the exercise from minute 5:52.

5th exercise: pelvic circles

You’ve already stretched your shoulders and neck. As well as your legs stretched. The fifth exercise is about your hips. Place your hands on your hips and slowly move yours to the right, then forward, left, and back.

Then you repeat the sequence and move a little faster. Make sure that only your pelvis rotates and not your head or legs. A little tip: You can find the exercise in the video from minute 7:32.

No matter how many advantages working from home has, it is not good for your back. It is all the more important that you regularly strengthen it with moving breaks or workouts. In our video you will learn which exercises are best suited for this and how you can perform them optimally.

If you have less time, then select specific exercises that use the respective area and put together your own moving break.

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