Home office workout: 20 minutes training against back pain

Working in the home office with the laptop from the sofa or in the kitchen saves a lot of time due to missing paths and offers other pleasant advantages.

However, the lack of an ergonomic workplace can quickly have unpleasant side effects.

Especially the spine does not like the often crooked or crooked sitting in front of the laptop. The result can be back pain and tension throughout the body.

Help with tension

To prevent this, it is advisable to take countermeasures with targeted mobilization. Full-body stretching routines are now a real treat for your stiff limbs — and active relaxation is good for your mind, too.

The fitness trainer from Dou “Power & Soul” from Hamburg, Anna-Lena Vahle, has just the right thing ready for you: A mobilizing workout that lasts less than 20 minutes and fits perfectly into any lunch break.

But this stretching unit is also ideal for in between or as an evening routine.

In 19 minutes, your body will be moved holistically and stretched really nicely. But don’t worry: the execution is not particularly strenuous, so you don’t have to jump in the shower afterwards.

Just let Anna-Lena guide you and feel on your own body how good such a round of movement is in between! All you need is a soft surface and a desk or chair.

Another advantage of this type of lunch break: You can really take your mind off work and concentrate on your well-being.

Just give it a try: get off your desk chair or the couch and join in!

Holistic mobilization

When the neck or back hurts, many people tend to either take it easy or just stretch those parts of the body – but that’s far too short-sighted.

“Always try to look at the body holistically,” explains Anna-Lena in the video. Since all muscles and joints are somehow connected to each other, tension in the hips can also be felt in the neck, for example.

That’s why the motto is: It’s better to mobilize the whole body and choose additional targeted exercises to work on certain trigger points particularly intensively and to release the tension here with regular workouts.

Training for all body regions

Within the 19 minutes no body region is left out. Since this is a holistic training, it is important to pay attention to the simultaneous tension of different parts of the body during the execution.

For example, activate your abdominal muscles in a targeted manner to relieve your lower back during the exercise.

Anna-Lena starts with a few movement sequences, which initially offer relief to your shoulders and back. These include, for example, the side stretch or standing cat and cow, which most people are probably familiar with from yoga teaching.

19 minutes for your well-being

Above all, the spine, which suffers particularly from a crooked posture, is mobilized and supported at the beginning of the workout.

If you sit too much, you risk shortening the hip flexor. This can lead to painful lower back problems like lumbago. To counteract this, Anna-Lena has some exercises ready, such as hip stretches on the floor.

But even parts of the body that very few people stretch regularly, such as the arms or chest, are given some movement sequences.

What pretty much all of us like to forget when stretching are the ankles and wrists: Even the small but all the more important parts get their active relief here.

After around 19 minutes, you’ll have finished stretching and can devote yourself to the tasks of the day with renewed energy.

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