Healthy hot dog with cucumber and tomatoes


Vienna sausage, cooking pot

Put water in a saucepan and let it boil. Turn off the stove and add the sausages to the simmering water.

Tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce leaves, cloth, knife

Remove the head from the lettuce leaves, wash them together with the vegetables and pat dry with a cloth. Cut the tomatoes and cucumber into strips. Remove the sausages from the heat and from the water.

pan, bun

Place a coated pan on the still warm stovetop. Cut the rolls lightly, put them in the pan without fat and toast until golden brown.

Dip or sauce, knife

Spread the rolls with the mustard or dip. Place the vegetables and the sausages on top – done.

The recipe for a healthy hot dog with cucumber and tomatoes with all the necessary ingredients and the simplest preparation – cook healthy with FIT FOR FUN

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