For high blood pressure: how many cups of coffee are still healthy?

If you suffer from high blood pressure, you can definitely treat yourself to coffee. According to the German Heart Foundation, scientific studies have not been able to confirm the assumption that caffeine is harmful to high blood pressure.

Coffee can raise blood pressure in the short term. This happens especially when the body is not used to caffeine.

If you drink coffee regularly, your blood pressure will rise less – or not at all.

According to the German Heart Foundation, this habituation effect can already be seen after one to two weeks of regular coffee consumption.

By the way: All of this also applies to green and black tea, both of which also have a stimulating effect on the body.

Measure blood pressure only after the coffee break

How much coffee can it be now? According to the German Heart Foundation, anyone who keeps an eye on their heart health should consume a maximum of 400 milligrams of caffeine per day. That equates to four to five cups of coffee.

However, those affected should note one thing: It is best to take a blood pressure measurement before the coffee break – or about 30 minutes afterwards. In this way you can ensure that coffee consumption does not falsify the measured values.

However, the German Heart Foundation advises against caffeine tablets. Unlike coffee, these “stimulant pills” can have an unfavorable effect on blood pressure.

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