Food combining diet to lose weight? A nutrition expert explains

Eat protein and carbohydrates separately and you will soon reach your desired weight: that is a central promise of the food combining that used to be very popular at times.

And although you may lose weight while eating food combining, experts no longer recommend this form of nutrition. The usefulness of the “diet” has long been refuted, says Manuela Marin. “Because the separation of carbohydrates and protein is not possible in practice,” says the Berlin ecotrophologist.

The food combining theory is outdated

The concept goes back to the American doctor William Howard Hay, who lived from 1866 to 1940. In Germany, the idea of ​​food combining spread after the Second World War and found many supporters in the decades that followed.

One assumption of food combining advocates was that the body would produce harmful acids if proteins and carbohydrates were ingested together. “This thesis is no longer tenable and comes from a time when there was still too little knowledge about nutrition,” says Manuela Marin.

The nutritionist explains: The body has regulatory systems that prevent the formation of harmful acids. This is also shown by the fact that carbohydrates and proteins occur together in nature. The best example is breast milk, says Marin. “And it can’t be harmful.”

This is what makes the weight loss success:

But how can it be explained that some people have achieved weight loss success with the help of a food combining diet? This is no surprise to the nutritionist.

Not everything is bad about the concept. It also includes favorable recommendations, says Marin. This includes, for example, the increased consumption of raw fruit and vegetables and whole grain products. In addition, as part of the food combining, it is advised to eat slowly and chew well. A piece of advice that experts would still subscribe to today.

Nevertheless, Manuela Marin says: “The food combining is not recommended as a permanent diet.” Her reasoning: If you strictly adhere to it, you could risk deficiency symptoms in protein, calcium, iodine, iron and important fatty acids.

Reducing carbohydrates can make sense

Dietician Heike Dethardt also advises against separating carbohydrates and protein for a healthy diet. “Professionals like dieticians, nutritionists and nutritionists have never recommended food combining,” she says.” That hasn’t changed. “In my opinion, the importance is still lower today than it was a few years ago.”

It can make sense to reduce the amount of carbohydrates in the diet. However, according to the expert from Porta Westfalica, this does not have to happen as part of a food combination.

She also says: Not everything about the approach is bad. “Haysche food combining is a high-fiber, predominantly lacto-vegetarian diet. It has a moderate fat and energy content,” says Dethardt. “That explains the weight loss successes. However, it does not require any separation of the nutrients for this.”

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