Fit through variety: Jennifer Aniston’s extraordinary workout routine

It’s no longer a secret that celebrities follow strict routines to stay fit. “Friends” icon Jennifer Aniston is also an enthusiastic athlete and finds the perfect change from her everyday life as an actress in training.

Jen occasionally shares insights into her workouts on Instagram and in interviews, and through testimony from her personal trainers, Leyon Azubuike and Mandy Ingber, to Healthista, Well+Good, and Women’s Health US, a clear picture emerges of what her daily workout routine actually looks like.

Above all, Jen’s training is one thing: varied. Whether it’s spinning or yoga, boxing or Pilates – there’s really everything here.

Of course, it takes many units to accommodate all sports. Accordingly, the actress trains between five and seven days a week for up to 90 minutes.

Through her workout, Jennifer Aniston sees an opportunity to really focus on herself. She uses the time while boxing to let pent-up emotions run free or to find inner peace and concentration with yoga or Pilates.

We’ll show you how to create your own Jen-style workout.

This is what your Aniston-style workout can look like

Day 1: Boxing and core workout

You need: A punching bag, possibly a yoga/fitness mat

  • Boxing: A set consists of three minutes of training and a 30-second break, which you repeat until you reach the 60-minute limit.
  • Core training: In the remaining 30 minutes you can train your abdominal and back muscles with exercises of your choice.

You can find inspiration here:

Day 2: Cross trainer

You need: A cross trainer

  • A total of 45 minutes is spent on the cross trainer. This is done in intervals and the resistance is continuously increased. First you train for two minutes with maximum power and then relax for one minute. Repeat these two intervals a total of 15 times.

Day 3: Climbing

You need: A climbing simulator (e.g. Vertical Climber) or a climbing wall in a climbing hall.

  • The climbing training at your own pace lasts 45 minutes, but does not include any breaks.

Day 4: Spinning and yoga

What you need: A spinning wheel and a yoga mat

  • Spinning: First you pedal for 30 minutes on the spinning wheel with different resistance levels. Change the settings every 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Yoga: This is followed directly by a 40-minute yoga unit, in which there is room for power yoga, relaxation and stretching.

Day 5: Running and Resistance Band

You need: Suitable running shoes and resistance bands

  • Run: The first component of the workout is a 60-minute self-paced run.
  • Resistance Band: The second part of the training consists of a 30-minute workout with resistance bands.

You can find inspiration here:

Day 6: Pilates

You need: A yoga mat and possibly also a yoga block

  • For this workout day, you can either attend a Pilates class, which is approximately 60 minutes long, or do the workout from home.

You can find inspiration here:

Day 7: 15-15-15 routine

You need: A spinning bike, a cross trainer and suitable running shoes

  • Spinning: 15 minutes at maximum speed
  • Cross trainer: 15 minutes at maximum speed
  • Run: 15 minutes at maximum pace

Benefits of Jennifer Aniston’s workout plan

Jennifer Aniston’s workout plan not only combines cardio and strength training through the various sports, but also ensures lasting motivation through the variety.

Since different muscle groups are trained every day, others are given a break for regeneration. Consequently, regeneration is possible without a break in training.

Although the training definitely requires some discipline and a certain level of athleticism, the actress’ workout is doable for many – at their own pace.

While some exercises require a gym, many can be done at home or outdoors.

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Myrta Knauf, Online Editor


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