Even if it looks nicer together, you should always store this fruit separately

Storing different types of fruit in one bowl not only saves space, but also looks nice.

However, there is one type of fruit that you should better store separately: apples. The popular pome fruit can cause other types of fruit to ripen faster – and possibly even go bad.

That’s why you should store apples separately

Apples give off a ripening gas called ethylene. This ensures that fruit that comes into contact with it ripens faster.

As a plant hormone, it also helps with the development of flowers and allows germs and seeds to grow. In addition to apples, passion fruit, apricots and peaches, among other things, also give off the gas.

If you bought green bananas and you want them to ripen faster, you can of course use the effect of ethylene to your advantage.

If you don’t want to store other types of fruit with apples, there are many solutions. For example, you can simply store the different types of fruit in two baskets. The option is also available in versions with baskets built on top of each other.

If you want to separate apples and bananas, there are also special fruit baskets that can hold the apples at the bottom and hang the bananas on a hook.

Important tips for storing apples

In order for apples to stay fresh for a long time, it is important that they are stored in a dark, cool place with high humidity, for example in the cellar. If the high humidity is not there automatically, you can put a bowl of water next to it. Dry room air causes the apples to shrivel quickly.

It is also important that the apples are not stacked, but placed next to each other, otherwise mold can quickly form.

Wooden boxes with slits on the bottom and on the side are suitable for storage. However, if your apples don’t need to be stored for a long time and will soon be spoiled, you can also store them in the refrigerator.

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