Deodorant failed? What really helps against nasty armpit odor

The deodorant no longer manages to cover up the smell of sweat, although it has always worked reliably so far?

This phenomenon is not uncommon – and not necessarily a sign of poor personal hygiene.

Why deodorants sometimes don’t help

Red spots or pimples: Some people are generally very sensitive to deodorants. This is due to certain substances in some sprays or rollers. These include silicates, aluminum chlorohydrate or stereates.

Some ingredients also promote the spread of bacteria. The result is an unpleasant smell of sweat.

If you often use the same deodorant without having to struggle with symptoms such as skin irritation or smelly armpit wetness, you may be in for a rude awakening in the foreseeable future.

Due to the antibacterial ingredients, the antiperspirant, which actually works against sweating, often loses its effect with frequent use.

As a result, the germs on the skin develop a so-called ‘deodorant resistance’ and spread unabashedly – and not exactly odorless.

What helps against armpit odor?

Changing deodorant regularly helps counteract this ‘deodorant resistance’. This means that the unpleasant smell of sweat often stays away for many users.

If you also want to avoid other unpleasant side effects from the ingredients of some deodorants, you can try alternative deodorants.

Natural deodorant alternatives

Zinc oxide is very well tolerated by the skin and enjoys a good reputation in conventional medicine as a wound-healing agent. So it can be a blessing for shaved armpits. Apply the powder to dry skin after showering. It also works against the smell of sweat.

Coconut oil helps against bacteria, viruses and fungi. So it can boldly attack the odor-producing germs. If you suffer from acne, however, you should rather keep your hands off the oil or use it very sparingly, as it has a comedogenic effect.

But beware: These methods often help against the smell of sweat – but they do not stop the sweat production itself. That would also not be in the spirit of the inventor. Because sweating is necessary for the body and not bad per se.

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