Deodorant creams for sports and everyday life: You should pay attention to these ingredients in the deodorant

Deodorant in a jar: The manufacturers of deodorant creams promise that their products are particularly economical and thus save on packaging waste.

The magazine “Öko-Test” tested 30 deodorant creams for harmful ingredients. There was hardly a middle field: Two thirds of the products scored “good” or “very good”, while seven deodorant creams were rated “unsatisfactory” (issue 6/2022).

The explanation for this lies in the different active ingredients in the deodorant creams. When shopping, it’s worth taking a second look at the deodorant can, according to the testers.

These ingredients have no place in deodorant creams

The testers gave good marks to products with baking soda, which can be found on the packaging as “sodium bicarbonate”. Baking soda reacts with the breakdown products of sweat bacteria and thus prevents unpleasant odours. All natural cosmetic products in the test were based on baking soda.

On the other hand, deodorant creams based on aluminum salts received bad marks. These reduce sweating by constricting the sweat glands and are therefore antiperspirants. Aluminum is considered neurotoxic and can accumulate in the brain, bones and other organs. “Öko-Test” says: Aluminum in deodorant is dispensable.

However, the aluminum salts are not solely responsible for the bad grades: The eco-testers found other problematic substances such as formaldehyde or silicone oils in them, some of which only slowly decompose in the environment.

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