Cold brew coffee: A healthy summer hit in just a few steps

If you want to start the day with a cup of cold brew coffee, it is best to prepare the drink in the evening. Because unlike filter coffee, it is actually prepared with cold water – and should steep for four to twelve hours. This is recommended by the German Coffee Association.

Cold brew tastes a little milder than conventional filter coffee: Because it is not brewed with hot water, less bitter substances and acids are released from the coffee powder.

In addition, due to the long brewing time, Cold Brew has a slightly higher caffeine content than its hot counterpart. However, no other utensils are required for the preparation: Coarsely ground coffee powder, a coffee filter and a pot are sufficient.

The preparation is easy. For a cup of cold brew, 20 to 25 grams of ground coffee are infused with 250 milliliters of cold water. Then: Stir the mixture well and cover.

If you want to enjoy your coffee really cold, you can put the cold brew in the fridge to brew. Here, however, it should rest a little longer than at room temperature, namely twelve to 24 hours.

After the brewing time, the coffee can be filtered – and then enjoyed in the classic black or with milk. A tip from the German Coffee Association for those who like to experiment: refine the cold brew with fruit juice. As a drink, it also tastes good with gin and tonic.

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