Caring for your skin and hair: This is how you take care of your body properly after swimming

If you swim and splash a lot in summer, you have to take special care of your hair and skin. Because these are more sensitive than normal when wet. Instead of rubbing them vigorously with a towel, just gently pat them dry with it. The “” portal, which cooperates with the working group for aesthetic dermatology and cosmetology, recommends this.

The experts also recommend special care for the skin before and after swimming: you should shower off after each session in the pool. Because chlorine is usually added to the water, which can lead to irritation of the skin, scalp and hair if it is exposed to it for a long time.

Make sure you use the right shower gel

It is advisable to use a shower gel or shower oil with a pH value of 5.5. This value corresponds to the natural acidity of the skin. It is therefore also helpful to use a shower gel or shower oil with a pH value of 5.5. According to the information, this value corresponds to the natural acid value of the skin.

You should pay particular attention to two ingredients

If you spend a lot of time in the water, you can also apply a thin skin cream with urea or glycerine to protect your skin. These ingredients should provide the skin with the moisture it loses during swimming.

You should also apply lotion at the end of your visit to the bathroom. Light, moisturizing creams, moisturizing lotions with vitamin-rich ingredients and care products with a high proportion of lipids, i.e. fats, are suitable for this.

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