Can you make aloe vera cream yourself?

Basically, all you need to make your own aloe vera cream is an aloe vera plant and a good, sharp knife. Take a large leaf from the side of the plant and cut open close to the green.

Peel off the top green layer and place the leaf in a cup or whatever jar you plan to use to store your cream. The interface should point downwards. Here the alpine of the plant is released, which you do not need in the cream.

Wait about an hour, then you can peel the leaf so that only the gel inside remains. You can either use this directly, it is best to crush it with a hand blender.

If you want to enrich your cream a bit, you can add some marula or almond oil for easy-care skin. Tea tree oil and grape seed oil are suitable for impure skin. Dry skin is most happy about olive oil and that of the avocado. Mature skin is best cared for with argan, pomegranate or evening primrose oil. You can also have great experiences with sensitive skin with marigold oil!

If you don’t like the consistency of aloe vera alone, you can incorporate it into a cream base.

Simply make your own aloe vera cream

  • Cut off the outer, large leaf, remove one side of the green and let the alpine drain off.
  • After about an hour, remove the rest of the green leaf.
  • Mix the gel either with oils of your choice or, if you want to change the consistency, with base cream.

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