Bran worms: How to recognize skin tags and treat them properly

This common disease is usually harmless and not contagious. It can be treated with special creams and shampoos – these contain substances that inhibit or kill fungi. The ringworm usually does not go away on its own.

Larger spots with irregular outlines

According to the portal, the spots typical of the disease form mainly on the back, chest, neck and arms – the face can also be affected, especially in children.

At first they are small with a round or oval shape, later they grow together into larger spots with irregular outlines.

Their color can be yellowish, brownish, but also pink. They often appear lighter on dark or tanned skin, and darker on very light skin.

Doctors often recognize the disease by its external appearance. A microscopic examination clarifies whether it is bran mushrooms.

Then patience is often required: Even with successful treatment, it can take several months for the skin spots to disappear.

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