Beautiful mane while you sleep: Five tips to protect your hair overnight

Waking up in the morning with fresh instead of dull, straw-like hair? It doesn’t have to be.

There are various methods that protect the hair while you sleep and save you so much styling after getting up.

The methods are very simple and can even be combined with each other – for one of the tricks you only need a sock.

Here are five ways to get radiant hair in the morning.

1. Braiding braids

The most well-known method is probably braiding your hair into a braid or tying it into a loose bun.

When the hair is tied together, you prevent friction, which can otherwise quickly lead to hair breakage. Braided pigtails also create beautiful waves.

A bun also protects the hair from split ends.

2. The right fabric for the pillow

You can also protect your hair at night with the choice of your pillow. A simple fabric made of cotton can quickly strain the hair.

A pillowcase made of silk, on the other hand, is particularly suitable because the smooth surface ensures that the hair is not stressed too much during sleep.

3. Put hair on the pillow

If you don’t want to tie your hair up, you can drape your hair up over your pillow to protect it while you sleep.

This will prevent hair from rubbing against the pillow while you sleep. This will prevent knots and a roughened hair structure.

4. Hair turban and other tools

The hair turban is usually made of silk and is wrapped up around the hair to protect it. This method is inspired by Caribbean women.

Many also use a bonnet to protect their hair while they sleep. The fabric cap, which is pulled over the hair, is particularly suitable for protecting the structure of curly or afro hair.

Both are also suitable for leaving care products such as hair oil in the hair overnight.

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5. Sock Trick

Another trick that you can use to protect your hair overnight is widely used on the social network TikTok – all you need is a sock.

Simply pull them over one hand, gather your hair and pull the sock over your hair from below. The fabric protects them from rubbing, the next morning they are much more supple than without socks.

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