Beautiful & healthy teeth: The best electric toothbrushes

More and more people are turning to electric toothbrushes for optimal dental hygiene. But not all electric brushes are good.

Stiftung Warentest has been testing electric toothbrushes since 2013 and chooses the winner of their toothbrush test every year.

In the test of the December 2021 issue, for example, a new toothbrush made it onto the podium – but not a single toothbrush achieved the grade “very good”.

With the right toothpaste, electric toothbrushes are more thorough and effective than simple manual toothbrushes and are therefore often recommended by dentists.

But many electric toothbrushes are anything but recommendable: If the battery runs out quickly or the toothbrush does not clean hard-to-reach places in the mouth at all, Stiftung Warentest gives a lower grade.

Striking: Despite prices of well over 100 euros in some cases, not all models are consistently convincing. In the following table we show you the most important toothbrushes in brief, details on the individual products as well as further tips and information can be found in our detailed purchase advice.

Of the test winner in the ranking is the Philips Sonicare 9900 Prestige (to Amazon). With a price of just under 300 euros, the Philips toothbrush is also one of the most expensive models. In the test, the high-end brush achieved an overall rating of 1.8 (good).

It proves that it can also be cheaper price tip: The ApaCare Sonic Professional (on Amazon) for around 70 euros also delivers a convincing result. The toothbrush also did well with an overall rating of 2.0. The testers particularly emphasized the tooth cleaning and the long service life.

You can read about where you can buy toothbrushes cheaply, what you should look out for when buying them and other tips about electric toothbrushes in our detailed purchase advice.

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