Bad surprise after the end of the Corona measures: What you have to consider in the gym

Working out in the gym without a mask, proof of vaccination or test? From April 2nd this is mostly possible in Germany.

An exception only applies to hotspot areas, which are defined by municipalities and municipalities in cooperation with the respective state government.

In these regions, fitness studios are only allowed to open if they are required to wear a mask and provide proof (3G).

Due to the high incidence and increasing hospitalization rates, entire federal states have declared themselves hotspot areas. Brandenburg, Hamburg, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and North Rhine-Westphalia are apparently sticking to the rule until the end of April.

What is changing in the gym?

Prices will rise in the foreseeable future as operators are faced with higher costs. From October, for example, the staff will receive a minimum wage of 12 euros, the heating costs are sometimes 30 percent above the previous year and the calculation for new devices or repairs must also be upwards.

McFit, for example, will increase the popular basic tariff from April 1st. Instead of the previous 19.90 euros, customers should now pay 24.90 euros. Competitor Fit-X had already raised the tariff from 20 euros to 29 euros on November 1, 2021.

McFit could now trigger a chain reaction with its price increase. Smaller fitness studios in particular could therefore also increase monthly fees.

If a fitness studio increases the prices, the following applies: consumers have a special right of termination.

What applies to gyms that I was not able to use during Corona?

In principle, gyms must reimburse all fees for the period of closure that were paid by customers during the lockdown. Very few visitors are familiar with this guideline.

The automatic continuation of the contract during this period is legally prohibited. The Würzburg district court had forbidden a fitness studio from informing its members that their contract would be extended by the time of the corona-related closure.

The Federal Association of Consumer Centers had sued against the decision of the gym – and was right.

Basically, according to the consumer advice centers: The term of a (first) contract is linked to a specific date for termination. This exit date is already set when the contract is concluded and may not be changed unilaterally by a company.

Terminate the contract in good time – and sign a new one

FIT FOR FUN advises all customers: Terminate your old contract with the fitness studio in good time. You can find the exact dates in your documents.

The background is that fitness studios are no longer allowed to extend new contracts indefinitely from March 1st. After the applicable contract period, the contract is extended by a further month. So far, the contracts have been automatically extended by a further year.

Danger! This regulation only applies to new contracts. An old contract will continue to be automatically extended by one year – again and again. Therefore, cancel the old contract and sign a new contract.

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