Also suitable for vegan diets: it’s so easy to replace honey

In order for bees to produce honey for human consumption, the natural cycle of their life is interfered with. They are bred and modified to make as much honey as possible.

The animal protection organization PETA rightly points out that bee honey is therefore not vegan.

If you still want to enjoy honey, you should make sure that it is produced in organic quality and grown regionally.

Many types of honey are imported from other countries where less strict breeding rules apply.

But you don’t have to do without natural sweetness without honey. If you don’t necessarily want to use sugar as a substitute, you can sweeten muesli, smoothie, tea and co. with these vegan alternatives.

agave syrup

This alternative is already very widespread in the vegan scene. It is easy to get, cheap and very similar in consistency and taste to the original honey.

However, you should not use agave syrup for baking, as the dough will turn brown very quickly due to the high fructose content.

sugar beet syrup

This honey substitute is super sweet and locally sourced, making sugar beet syrup a really good alternative. You can use the sweet spread both to sweeten food and to bake.

dried fruit

If you don’t have any of the alternatives mentioned at home, dried fruit can help. Dried fruits such as dates, apricots or figs are perfect for sweetening your breakfast or dessert.

They are available in supermarkets or on Amazon. However, the dried fruit is not suitable for sweetening drinks and liquids.

Stevia for drinks

This substitute is particularly suitable for all those with a sweet tooth who want to ensure a healthy diet.

Stevia is great for sweetening drinks. Derived from a plant, it is much sweeter than regular table sugar and has no calories. Stevia is also a suitable substitute for anyone suffering from diabetes.

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