Active in the home office: 6 effective routines for more exercise at home

The way to university or work, the bike ride to the next café around the corner, a round of sports at the gym – all things that are avoided in the home office.

Since Corona, working from home has been the norm for many people on many days. As practical and pleasant as working at home is, there are many steps missing on the movement account day after day.

Exercise supports the immune system

It is important to move a lot and be active in sports right now.

After all, this strengthens the immune system and the movement may not make you feel like you are going to fall on your head.

Aside from the obvious things like daily home workouts and the occasional yoga flow, there are a few other habits that can give those tired limbs a boost.

1. Walk around while on the phone

In times of social distancing, social media comes in handy. Instead of meeting up with friends and family in real life, you simply arrange to Skype or Facetime.

If you want to add a little more movement to your isolated everyday life, you can use these appointments to walk around the apartment for a few laps.

You can set yourself the goal of at least standing for the entire duration of the call.

Because: Even without walking, significantly more muscles are used than when sitting or lying down. The body burns up to 50 percent more energy.

2. Do small exercises while brushing your teeth

You shouldn’t lose your beautiful, honest smile even in these times – regular brushing of your teeth should therefore of course be an integral part of your daily routine.

However, these few minutes can not only benefit oral hygiene, but also provide a little more exercise.

How about a little round of calf raises? Simply alternate standing on your toes and slowly lowering your heels back to the floor.

3. Do home office while standing

Those who can are currently working from home on the computer. If you’re sitting in front of your laptop, you’ve hit the home office jackpot – it doesn’t matter whether it’s in the living room, kitchen or possibly from the bed.

However, to get a little more exercise into the day, it can be worth getting out of bed or on the sofa.

Because the entire home office hours do not necessarily have to be spent sitting or lying down – at least not if you can move your workplace flexibly.

It is good for the body to simply spend its hours in a place where you can stand. In addition, a bit of music turned up and the movement in the hips comes naturally.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re standing or not – take a short break every 30 minutes in which you walk around your apartment for a few minutes, stretch or do squats, for example.

4. Let your legs work while sitting

If sitting for hours is unavoidable, you can still try to keep your muscles busy during this time.

Controlled rocking with your feet or raising your toes doesn’t require a great deal of effort, but it does stimulate the blood circulation in your legs wonderfully.

5. Place important things further away

It doesn’t matter whether you need certain materials for work or are just sitting on the sofa and watching netflix – things that you need more often can be placed at the other end of the room or in another room.

This can be annoying at first, but getting up, going there and sitting down again over the course of the day credits a few points to the movement account.

6. Put on your favorite music and dance as often as possible

Whether it’s cooking, vacuuming or just lying around – when your favorite music is playing, the likelihood that you’ll move at least a little bit along with it is much higher.

Boring household chores – such as washing dishes, hanging up the laundry or mopping – get a lot of momentum with the right music and are much more fun when performed while dancing.

There is also a bonus on top of that: Moving your body while dancing releases endorphins – so a good mood is inevitable.

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