8 hair oils for smooth & healthy hair

The magazine ÖKO-TEST has tested 20 hair oils from drugstores and supermarkets: Specialized laboratories have examined the products for allergenic fragrances and preservatives – and have found some.

For example, there were paraffins in two products and eight silicone oils, including well-known brands such as Wella or Schwarzkopf & Henkel.

The grade “very good”, three times “good”, two times “satisfactory”, four times “sufficient” and one “poor” was awarded ten times: the Khadi Ayurvedic Hair Oil Rose Repair does not pass the test.

These are the test winners

  • Alterra Nutri Care hair oil organic argan oil from Rossmann – around 3 euros
  • Alverde Repair hair oil organic avocado organic shea butter from dm – around 3 euros
  • dr Hauschka hair oil from Wala – around 13 euros
  • Logona Repair & Care Hair Oil Organic Sea Buckthorn by Logocos – around 8 euros
  • Nature Box nourishing care hair oil from Schwarzkopf & Henkel – around 4 euros
  • Sante Family Repair hair oil from Logocos – around 6 euros
  • Terra Naturi Repair hair oil organic coconut & organic argan oil from Müller – around 4 euros
  • Intensively nourishing hair oil from Weleda – around 9 euros

The right hair oil & the right amount

Hair oil can take care of brittle, damaged, breaking hair. And it helps with styling hard-to-tame hairstyles. But: An oily sheen often remains on the hair after use – it can look like you have unwashed, greasy hair.

This is sometimes due to the hair structure. This is how a very rich base oil weighs down fine hair, explains ÖKO-TEST magazine (issue 2/2022). Especially here, but also with other hair structures, it makes sense to feel your way around every new hair oil brand: First you only knead two or three drops into the tips and then, if necessary, extend them drop by drop.

The right style

In addition, the experts who have tested hair oils advise putting the oil on wet hair. It can be used to add shine to the hair, define natural curls and protect straight hair from frizzing – i.e. prevent the so-called frizz.

Apply hair oil to dry hair only at the end of styling. But not all hair oils are well suited for this. Heavy vegetable oils, in particular, would be harder to absorb into dry hair and can leave an oily shine.

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