16 out of 19 products fail

Olive oil labeled “extra virgin” or “extra virgin” must be perfect in terms of smell and taste. Many products on the market are a long way from that.

After testing 19 olive oils of the highest quality, the ÖKO-TEST experts came to a sobering conclusion.

Two others are still rated “satisfactory”. The other 16 products fail the test.

Three of the tested olive oils are sensory anything but satisfactory, one even tastes “rancid” and according to ÖKO-TEST should not be advertised as “extra virgin”. Two of the three of these oils are organic products.

16 out of 19 olive oils fail

Overall, most candidates perform even worse. The reason: Except for one olive oil, the laboratory found mineral oil components in all 18 other olive oils, including MOAH (aromatic mineral oil hydrocarbons). According to the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR), these have no place in food. In addition, there are sometimes other mineral oils and other pollutants such as plasticizers.

Among other things, you should better avoid the following products from supermarkets and discounters in the future:

  • Good organic extra virgin olive oil from Aldi
  • Best Choice Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil by rewe
  • Primadonna Extra Virgin Olive Oil Original by Lidl
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOP Terra di Bari by Edeka
  • Ener Bio Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Rossman
  • Extra virgin olive oil from Alnatura
  • Organic extra virgin olive oil from dm

Stiftung Warentest has already sent olive oils to the laboratory. You can read more about the results here.

You can read the detailed ÖKO-TEST test report here for a fee.

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