▷ Seasonal calendar June: regional fruit & vegetables

He’s been waiting long enough. Now it is finally in the starting blocks: summer.

It not only brings long days, strong rays of sunshine and feelings of happiness, but also has a lot of local fruit and vegetables in its luggage.

The star of June are strawberries – rich in folic acid and packed with vitamin C. There is a good reason why there is an old farmer’s proverb: “If the vine blooms in full light in June, it promises large berries.”

The FIT FOR FUN seasonal calendar shows you which vegetables and fruit you can look forward to in June – with healthy, vitamin-rich recipes included.

Seasonal calendar at a glance

Eating healthy in June is easy. Broccoli is finally back in season – and it is known to be one of the healthiest vegetables of all. In combination with cauliflower it is even better, for example as an oven vegetable.

Radishes, carrots and cucumbers not only look great in salads, they also taste great on their own or with a delicious dip. If you’re tired of looking at your salad bowl, you should try Summer Rolls.

What you should definitely not do without this month: broad beans and peas. The little protein bombs are the perfect food after training.

The fruit bowl is also colorful: the first blueberries, raspberries and cherries join the strawberries at the end of the month.

In the seasonal calendar you will find all the fruit, vegetables and herbs that are currently in season or in the course of June.

apples Red currants
strawberries cherries
Batavia cauliflower
broccoli mushrooms
broad beans Peas
oak leaf lettuce iceberg lettuce
fennel spring onions
cucumber potatoes
Kohlrabi lettuce
Lollo rosso chard
carrots pick lettuce
radish radish
Red cabbage arugula
celery spinach
cabbage zucchini
sugar snap onions
basil dill
tarragon chervil
coriander oregano
Parsely rosemary
sage chives
thyme lemon balm

Fresh on the market

Broad beans in June


broad beans

Admittedly, some Sisyphean work has to be done before you get to the real edible. But after you’ve peeled the delicious insides out of the green pods, you can really enjoy the broad beans.

They are also called fava, broad beans or broad beans.

The beans are full of protein, fiber and valuable minerals such as iron, zinc and calcium. Now in June, their shell is still tender and young – this is the best time to treat yourself to the little powerhouses.

For this, the kernels are boiled in salt water and then further processed.

Its strong, nutty taste is a great topping for fresh salads – especially in combination with bacon or smoked tofu. But broad beans are also great as a side dish: for example as bean puree.


The fact that, botanically speaking, the strawberry is actually not a fruit at all, but a nut, should not prevent you from grabbing a hearty one in June – because local strawberries currently taste particularly juicy and aromatic.

But strawberries don’t just ring in the summer in terms of taste. Their healthy ingredients such as vitamin C, folic acid and cell-protecting antioxidants boost the immune system.

By the way, you can eat the summer berries without a guilty conscience. Half a bowl (125 grams) of strawberries has just under 60 calories.

Pay attention to organic quality when buying: In contrast to conventional agriculture, no pesticides may be used in organic cultivation.


Broccoli has a reputation for being one of the healthiest vegetables out there. Right? But hello. In particular, the green cruciferous plant contains minerals such as potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and sodium. It also boasts important vitamins such as B1, B2, B6, E and vitamin C.

Flavanoids and other secondary plant substances as well as phytohormones have a positive influence on the hormonal balance. The proteins and fibers it contains also keep the blood sugar level stable – this protects against ravenous hunger.

When preparing, you should make sure that you do not overcook the green power vegetables. Then many of the healthy ingredients are lost.

Better: Briefly blanch or steam the broccoli florets. The vegetables stay nice and crisp if you only fry them briefly in a wok or pan.

In terms of taste, broccoli goes well with cold summer salads, eg with potatoes, radishes and parsley.

Last Call: This vegetable says goodbye in June

Better access again quickly! These fruits and vegetables say goodbye in June: rhubarb, pointed cabbage and asparagus are only available this month.

Well, this is the best opportunity to really savor the stick vegetables again.

In the gallery: 10 healthy asparagus recipes

Seasonal calendar: The perennial favorites in June

Still there and still beastly good: oak leaf lettuce, Batavia and rocket – the perfect basis for your summer salad. Radishes and spring onions, which are still in season in June, go well with this.

Kohlrabi, chard and cauliflower are still available. Apples and potatoes are still stocked, as are onions.

FIT FOR FUN favorite recipes in June

This month it will be colorful on your plate: fresh salads, green vegetables and red fruits set the tone. Especially delicious: strawberries in combination with green asparagus and balsamic vinaigrette.

Which of course works every day: strawberries in porridge, muesli or as a sweet – and healthy – snack.

But hearty tarts and unusual caprese variations can also be conjured up with the fruit and vegetable varieties in June.

Recipe: Sweet & Salty Strawberry Caprese

Asparagus strawberry salad


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